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HERBS Women Pregina Tonic

Create the optimum soil environment
start the seed germination power

Package : 60 capsules
Country : Taiwan
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In stock
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Herbs Women Pregna Tonic is using traditional Chinese medicine wisdom “Warming, Treatment, Warm palace”, improving the cold palace problem of women’s. Create the optimum soil environment, start the seed germination power. Three-pronged overall adjustment, refine improvement, warm palace, nourishing and regulate the female physique. Coupled with Chasteberry, Soy Isoflavones, complementary with Chinese and Western, help to recuperate a good body, so you will get good news soon.


Suitable for:
  • Especially for women’s concern with warm palace.
  • Always poor face color, lack of energy, cold chills, weak acid cold, cold hands and feet.
  • Need improve the physical conditional cycle, physical fitness, warm palace, no longer to do cold beauty!!



  1. Recommend to use before and after period. During period and pregnant, please suspend.
  2. For pregnant women and carry on breastfeeding postpartum is not recommended.
  3. If have gynecology problems and people who is sensitive to this formula, please consult your physician.
  4. This product is a health supplement.


Product Quality Assurance


Herbs Women Pregna Tonic is manufactured under GMP standard.  The product is randomly sampled and tested for quantitative test, for the control of heavy metals, pesticide residue, microbial contents and acute toxicity by authoritative institution recognized by HKSAR Government to ensure that the product is manufactured at a high standard.

More Information
Ingredients Chasteberry Extract, Amethyst Extract, Epimedium Extract, Dodder Extract, White Peony Root Extract, Salvia Extract, Millettia Extract, Angelica Extract, Cyperus Extract, Chuanxiong Extract, Soy Isoflavones, Licorice Extract, Gelatin Capsules

3 capsules, 1 time daily.
Start from the 5th day after PERIOD, continues use 20 days.

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[*實際效果因人而異 Actual Result vary]

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