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Herbs Cardio Pro (Formula Upgraded with Notoginseng)

Maintain cardiovascular health
Promote blood circulation 

Package : 30 capsules / bottle
Country : Taiwan
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Maintain the health of vessel within 8 weeks

Herbs Cardio Pro (Formula Upgraded with Notoginseng) combines Nattokinase, Red Yeast Rice and Panax Notoginseng Extract which can improve the flexibility of blood vessel. Herbs Cardio Pro (Formula Upgraded with Notoginseng) can help to maintain cardiovascular health and promote blood circulation.


Common problem

1. Why Should we take Cardio Pro after meal?

The House report shows that full stomach or after meals Cardio Pro aids in the absorption of red yeast rice, and immediately take effect in the liver.

2. Those who take inappropriate Cardio Pro?

Pregnant women should not take children, because seven powder promoting blood circulation to pregnant women may cause miscarriage; generally it would be inappropriate for children under 16 years old for human consumption, promote the growth of notoginseng powder, notoginseng powder premature use affect the normal development of the child; physical warm, may occur after wang people take to get angry, dry stool, side effects such as dry mouth, menstruation is not adjusted, in particular the amount of menstruation and more people should be used with caution.

3. There are no western drug ingredients in Cardio Pro?

Absolutely not! This item is 100% no drug ingredients.

4. Herbs Cardio Pro is suitable for long-term use?

The generally recommended treatment for 3 months, after a day can take a pill Herbs Cardio Pro for health purposes, to further improve the cardiovascular problems caused by bad habits, is not effective in preventing blood flow Chang, maintain heart health. Long-term use, but also enhance the effectiveness of care. (If necessary, seek professional medical advice)

5. Can people taking cardiovascular problems Herbs Cardio Pro?

Herbs Pill Cardio Pro for cardiovascular health problems, such as the person concerned has been taken related drugs, such as blood thinners balls, we recommend that you first consultative professional advice before deciding the right amount of regulation therapy dosage pharmaceutical and health products, in order to achieve the best results.

草姬 草姬 HERBS

More Information
Ingredients Red Yeast Rice Powder, Natto Extract Powder, Panax Notoginseng Extract
Dosage Dosage: 1 capsule each time; twice daily* (intake after lunch and dinner)
Improvement: Feel refresh when intake after a few days
Treatment: 3 months, western medicine free and long term usage recommended
Storage: Keep in a cool and dry place. Avoid direct sunlight
Caution: For pregnant women, children, nursing mothers, people who is taking any other prescriptive medication and sensitive to this formula, please consult your physician

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[*實際效果因人而異 Actual Result vary]